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Over the years, I’ve worked on many different projects, all bringing their own sets of tools intended to improve collaboration between all of the folks involved.

From time to time, this has proven that juggling applications can get sticky—not everyone uses the same tools, requirements change, and in some cases, we’re not even aware of what tools are available to use. To try and make this easier on those who work with me, I wanted to create this reference-able list of what apps I generally use, why I do, and (eventually) even some alternatives that might work better for your specific use-cases.

Usecases Preferred Tools Leading Alternatives
Text, voice, & video messaging with support for groups Slack, Discourse Signal, iMessage
Version Control GitHub GitLab
Design & Visual Feedback Figma, MarkUp  
Handling passwords & other sensitive information 1Password Bitwarden

Why do I use these in particular and not [insert your favorite application here]?

I mostly prefer what I’ve listed based on years of experience working with them in various work landscapes. I have tried to gravitate toward accessible, free, or inexpensive tools that are supposedly the most secure. But these aren’t the only things I’ll use; I’m open to trying new things, especially if you want to collaborate but already have something in place that works for you and your teams!

Have thoughts on this? How can I improve my utility belt? Let me know with a comment!

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