Tools I Use

Over the years, I’ve worked on many projects, all bringing their sets of tools intended to improve collaboration between all the folks involved.

From time to time, this has proven that juggling applications can get sticky—not everyone uses the same tools, requirements change, and in some cases, we’re not even aware of what tools are available to use. To try to make this easier on those who work with me, I created this reference-able list of what apps I generally use, why I do, and (eventually) even some alternatives that might work better for your specific use-cases.

  • GitHub for code collaboration & version control
  • 1Password for storing & sharing passwords & more
  • Email is my personal favorite for general communication. When more is needed, I find myself gravitating toward iMessage, Slack, Zoom, Discord, or Discourse.
  • Figma is my go-to design application of choice. When someone needs to point out something to me, I employ MarkUp, which makes it easy to add notes to anything on a page.

What Are Your Favorite Tools?

What I list here is my shortlist of apps I frequently use; it isn’t all of them & this list will certainly change as I learn. With that, I’d love to learn about what you’re using. Drop me an email if you’d care to share!